Torrjäst Craft Series M76 Bavarian Lager

A bottom-fermenting yeast suitable for most lager styles. Promotes less sulphur production than other lager strains, as well as a fuller, more rounded malt character with well-promoted hop flavors. Suitable for many European style beers including Lagers, Pilsners, Helles, Munich Dunkel, Rauchbier and more. Aroma Characteristics: A superlative lager strain that is robust with a light sulphur aroma, expresses hop character well and promotes malt complexity. Flavor/Mouthfeel Characteristics: Lightly acidic this yeast creates an extremely drinkable lager with less sulphur character than the usual strains. Higher Alcohol Beers: This yeast does well at higher gravities having a good attenuation range; high alcohol beers do not tend to be too sweet.


jästemperatur: 8 - 14 °C (45 - 57 °F)

förjäsbarhet: 75 - 80 %

alkoholtolerans: 8 %

flockning: 3/5

Craft Series M76 Bavarian Lager

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