Torrjäst Craft Series M47 Belgian Abbey

Moderately alcohol tolerant with fewer phenols than Belgian Ale, this yeast is
exceptionally fruity with hugely complex esters and is highly flocculant.

Suitable for Belgian Pale Ales and Abbey Ales.

Aroma Characteristics:
Belgian Tripel has a fantastic heavily fruity aroma, married perfectly with light spice and esters it is massively complex, spicy, estery and phenolic.

Flavor/Mouthfeel Characteristics:
Belgian beers fermented with this strain will finish phenolic and dry, they will also exhibit fruity and a very complex ester characters. These characters exhibit into beautiful marriage of spice, fruit estery alcohol goodness.

Higher Alcohol Beers:
High alcohol beers are this strain’s bread and butter, with a high alcohol tolerance, strong beers just create excellent flavor and aroma characteristics.


Jästemperatur: 18 - 25 °C 

Förjäsbarhet: 73 - 77 %
Alkoholtolerans: 8 %
Flockning: 4/5

Craft Series M47 Belgian Abbey

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