Jäsning Grainfather Glycol Chiller

Grainfather glykol kylare till Grainfather koniska jäskärl ger dig möjlighet att ha full koll på din jäsningstemperatur precis som de kommersiella bryggerierna!

Du kan producera en god kvalitetsöl genom att jäsa och lagra din öl på samma sätt som professionella bryggare!

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Control your fermentation temperature accurately every time!

Temperature control is one of the most crucial elements for producing a good quality beer. It needs to be regulated and stable throughout the whole fermentation process to ensure the yeast doesn't get stressed and ferments correctly to get the right flavour profile. 

With the ability to individually power and control the temperature of up to four Grainfather Conical Fermenters, each with their own fermenting schedules, the Grainfather Glycol Chiller is the perfect addition to ensure craft brewery-like results. 

With the addition of the Glycol Chiller, your system is operating at the ultimate level and you are even able to cold crash and lager. The cooling sleeve is located in between the two stainless steel walls of the Conical Fermenter which is then hooked up to the Glycol Chiller. Temperature is dialed into the digital temperature controller and the liquid travels through this sleeve, cooling the stainless steel which in turn cools the beer in the fermenter. The cooling sleeve never comes into contact with the beer, is completely concealed and does not need cleaning or sanitising - a true innovation for a fermenter on this scale. 


  • Allows you to cold crash 23 L of wort to as low as 4ºC
  • Allows you to cold cash, lager and control fermentation at low temperatures (as low as 4ºC)
  • Cools and powers up to 4 Conical Fermenters at different temperatures and fermenting schedules. 


  • Glycol Chiller
  • Wall outlet power cord with plug
  • 2 x brass couplers (with self-sealing hose connections)
  • 2 x 2 m insulated hoses


  • LED display
  • 6 L glycol tank
  • 300 W
  • 220 – 240 V, 50Hz
  • 390W x 450D x 656H
  • Weight: 28.3 kg

NOTE: When you receive your unit you will need to fill it up with a monopropylene glycol mixture. Glycol is not included with the unit. Refer to the instructions provided with the Glycol Chiller for mixing and filling information. 

NOTE: For information on how you can use the Grainfather Glycol Chiller with Conical Fermenters manufactured by other companies click here.

Click here to download our Glycol Chiller instructions

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