Jäsning Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition

Grainfather konisk rostfritt jäskärl 30 lit, med temperaturkontroll ger dig möjlighet att kunna hålla full koll på din jäsning precis som de kommersiella bryggerierna!

OBS! Det finns nyare version med wifi-styrning. Denna modell kan man uppdatera med en ny kontrollenhet (pris 1080 kr - https://www.olkompaniet.se/conical-wireless-controller). 

Du kan producera en god kvalitetsöl genom att jäsa och lagra din öl på samma sätt som professionella bryggare.

  • Värmeisolerad (har dubbla väggar av rostfritt stål), vilket möjliggör temperaturkontroll. 

  • Inbyggt värmeelement (inbyggt värmeelement på 30 W, 12 V)
  • Aktiv kylning (kylmantel är integrerad och svetsad på utsidan av innerväggen). Obs! glykolkylare behövs för kylning. 

  • Smidigt rengöring (slät insida av rostfritt stål som man lätt kommer åt genom att ta av locket)

 Paket innehåller:

• Conical Fermenter 30 lit
• Temp Controller (för temperaturstyrning)

• Dual Valve Tap

• Jäsrör och gummlugg
• 5 cm Tri Clamp 2"
• TC 2" Blindbricka samt packning
• Strömsladd
• 12 V spänningsadapter med stickpropp med 2 meter nätsladd


Material: rostfritt stål, polerat invändigt och borstat utvändigt
Kapacitet: 30 liter, graderat från 15 upp till 25 liter
Värmeelement: integrerat 30 W, 12 V
Anslutningar: 2" TC i botten av konen, 1,5" TC på locket
Höjd (med jäsrör): 1090 mm (910 mm utan jäsrör)
Bredd med handtag: 360 mm
Volym: 30 liter med markering på insidan upp till 25 liter


Köp till: 

  • Grainfather Glycol Chiller




Temperature control is one of the most crucial elements for producing a good quality beer. It needs to be regulated and stable throughout the whole fermentation process to ensure the yeast doesn’t get stressed and ferments just as the yeast was intended to in order to get the right flavour profile. The Grainfather Conical Fermenter does just that through double walled insulation, a temperature controller, and thermometer. 

Grainfather Conical Fermenter Double Walled


A double walled skin filled with a thick layer of polyurethane foam for insulation. This is what keeps the wort at a constant stable temperature that does not get influenced by any outside environmental changes and provides insulation for your fermentation that a standard jacket cannot achieve.


The fermenter is fitted with a double walled skin which acts as an insulation jacket. In the cavity of the fermenter between the outer body and cone sits a 30 Watt, 12V heating element. Unlike standard heating elements/sources that directly heat liquid, this heat stick is designed to heat the environment in between the walls of the fermenter, which in turn heats the liquid. It is similar to controlling the temperature in a temperature controlled room. The fermenter acts as an artificial environment which can be heated, meaning the temperature is raised in an even and controlled manner which is much better for the yeast.


The conical shape of the fermenter is typical for professional breweries. Our conical fermenter has been designed with the ‘Golden Angle’ of 60°. This is the optimum angle for yeast and sediment to drop down to the bottom of the cone without getting stuck to the sides, allowing the brewer to transfer from above the sediment line, resulting in clearer beer. Yeast can also be ‘dumped’ and harvested from the bottom and recultivated and pitched in future brews using a clever dual valve. The conical shape also allows for better mixing during fermentation due to the path of convention currents that it enables to occur.


Make the yeast dumping, transferring and sampling process more professional with this innovative all in one valve. Sampling and transferring is done through the dual valve, above the sediment line, allowing for clear, sediment free beer. Collect yeast from below the sediment line for recultivating and pitching.


The Temperature controller (available separately) attaches easily via magnets and pogo pins to the fermenter (minimising excess wires and clutter) and allows you to control your temperature and fermenting schedule. Without the temperature controller, the fermenter can be heated much like a typical fermenter with a heat belt. The temperature will rise by 1°C per hour up to a maximum of 12°C above ambient. Once the target temperature has been reached, you can simply switch off the power and the double walled insulation will maintain temperature for a long time.


In between the 2 stainless steel walls sits a cooling sleeve (also made of stainless steel).This cooling sleeve is welded onto the inner wall of the fermenter and can be hooked up to the additionally purchased Glycol Chiller. Temperature is dialled into the digital thermometer and as the cooling liquid travels through this sleeve, it cools the stainless steel which in turn cools the beer in the fermenter. This cooling sleeve never comes into contact with the beer, is completely concealed and built into the fermenter and never needs cleaning or sanitising – a true innovation for a fermenter on this scale. 



Designed to allow you to build up your brewery to the specifications you need for the stage of brewing you are at. Start with the base model, then add on the temperature control, dual valve tap, and cooling as your budget allows you to without the fear of making any of your previous purchases redundant. The ultimate system is designed to scale up to as many as four fermenters connected to one chiller, on different fermenting schedules. Now that’s something to strive for!


Everything has been designed to give you optimal fermenting performance, easy cleaning, and scalability, just like a commercial brewery.  

*Requires additional purchases from standard unit.


Start with the basic unit and build it up from there without fear of making any original parts obsolete. The system has a modular design to grow with you and your brewing needs. Here is the typical growth journey.



Designed for easy cleaning, with a double walled insulation body and built-in heating capability.The basic Conical Fermenter provides a professional quality fermentation environment.  



Dump, take samples and transfer all from one valve. The valve has been designed to be able to take samples from above the sediment line, reducing chances of infection and introducing oxygen. From the same tap yeast can be dumped and beer can be transferred.



Snaps on via magnets and pogo pins easily. Allowing you to accurately control the fermenters heating temperature (and cooling with the Glycol Chiller add on). Plus even set a fermentation temperature schedule with up to 5 stages.



With this, your system is operating at the ultimate level and you are now able to cold crash and lager. The Glycol Chiller connects to the hidden stainless steel sleeve inside the double walled fermenter and runs the glycol through it to chill the stainless steel and therefore your wort down to your required temperature. The ultimate system is designed to scale up to as many as four fermenters connected to one chiller, each on different fermenting schedules. 

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